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Oldland Consulting is not just another R&D Tax consultancy; in terms of claim success, it is probably the UK’s most successful R&D Tax consultancy. Why, because we are a small team of R&D experts who specialise in producing successful R&D claims for our clients. What’s more, the only time your business will ever see an invoice from us is when your company's bank account is enjoying the benefits of our confidential professional service.

Oldland Consulting specialises in obtaining Corporation Tax Refunds, Payable R&D Tax Credits or Research and Development Expenditure Credits (aka RDEC’s) under the EU backed Research and Development Tax Credit Scheme. Utilising our specialist knowledge, we manage the claim process to obtain the maximum benefit due under the HMRC administered R&D Tax Credit scheme for your company.

The scheme is designed to encourage and reward companies who invest in scientific or technological innovation. Therefore, if your company is or have been involved in; designing or developing new products, new processes or new software in the past two/three years, which you feel are innovative, then we can help.

First introduced in 2000 Finance Act, the R&D Tax Credit scheme for SME's was significantly enhanced during the period 2008 to 2020.

Oldland Consulting have successfully helped in excess of 250 businesses to benefit from the R&D Tax Credit scheme - let us help you.

Claims to Date £43,846,725


The aim of the Research and Development Tax Credits scheme is to encourage greater investment in innovation in the UK.

Our Services

The relationship will usually commence with a telephone conversation, where we explore in overview claim potential.


Organising an event, we can attend and deliver our short presentation to explain the scheme in greater detail.

Client recommendations

"I was fortunate enough to be introduced to David back in 2010. David has provided great benefit to my business particularly in the area of R&D tax claims. David’s expertise and knowledge in this area has ensured that as a business we have achieved maximum return with minimal input in a very short time. A great service all round and I would, and do, recommend David wherever possible.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity